domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

NEMOCON Salt Mine... Cundinamarca

A very easy place to find. Near to Bogota (about 65km), Going by the North Highway, it takes about one hour from Bogota's exit and Nemocon. This place is very turistic and safe. It is best recommended for children older than 10 year I think (so they can handle a walk of about one hour, the same for older people), It is important to take account that this walk takes place under earth (about 80 meters).

The air is very clean to breath and because of the amount of salt in the environment it helps cleanning our respiratory tract.

In the begining you can find the welcome from Mary Virgen, there is also a store and a coffe.

The tickets can be found about 12 dolars.

All the way is always joined by a guide, who will explain better every step. If you want to find few people its better to go on weekday.

I hope you can discover this place and share opinions!!

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